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Vance A., VP Operations & Strategy, FOCL

We needed a strong Drupal platform and Mogdesign was a logical choice for us to work with. They have a really strong understanding of Drupal and more importantly - they understood very clearly what we are trying to accomplish and made every step in this process as easy as it could possibly be. Working with Mogdesign has just been an incredibly positive experience.

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July, 17 2014

Although Google prefers content rich sites, people in general are not willing to read long articles. They start to tire after two or three paragraphs maybe. Of course, the Internet absorbs the quantum of `how to create the catchiest content ever`...

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July, 16 2014
When D8Rules project waiting in a Funding phase had just seven days left to be successfully funded, success didn’t seem likely. The project had raised just over 40% of its funding goal so far. The days shortened; the pressure rose.