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10 Easy Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Webdesign Blog


Traffic is something that everyone is after. It represents one of the best way to measure success of your blog. If you have traffic, you know that people find your posts and resources valuable, you can sell more ads, ads will bring more money, that will help you to cover your costs and generate profit... I tried to put together 10 easy ways that will help you to generate more traffic to your blog. I hope that you will find this post helpful. I would like to hear what are your ways to generate traffic. Did I miss anything? Let me know in comments...

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1. Try to write great articles

Follow current trends. Make sure to orient in what are the best people in your niche doing. Visit their blogs, follow them on Twitter, see what gets tweeted

Think forward and write articles that readers look for. If you follow trends, you will know what that is. My previous post Ultimate Wordpress Tutorial Collection got to second page on Google search for worpress tutorial, just because it was about wordpress and brought highest daily traffic.

Time your articles well. Few days ago when the ice hockey world championship started in Switzerland, I put together a Showcase of 32 Ice Hockey World Championships and Team Logos, that someone submitted to a hockey group on Facebook. It resulted in bringing highest daily traffic to my blog ever and that article was (and still is) on first page of Google search for ice hockey world championship.  Pretty good for a webdesign blog :)

Do something extra. At the time when I was starting this blog there were many articles that suggested great webdesign blogs to read. I wanted to make a similar article, but instead of putting few links together, I spent some time and added links to their Twitter accounts and sorted links based on Google PageRank and Alexa rank. That ended up being most read article on my blog with biggest number of comments and trackbacks.

2. Twitter

Tweet about your posts. Let your followers know about new articles. Do not spam by re-submitting it in a short time. Quality will show up and will get tweeted. Let your followers do it for you.

Tweetmeme. Use Tweetmeme - a great plugin to get your articles tweeted and to show how many tweets it gets

Use Hashtags to get retweeted. For example #wordpress  will get you retweeted by @hashwordpress @hashwp and @pimpmywordpress Other interesting hastags: #followfriday - people that you suggest to follow,  #themethursday - each Thursday has a theme related to webdesign -  follow @themethursday or @gracesmith to learn what that is for current Thursday, #webdesign #design #typography

Follow top designers and submit your link/designs to their showcases. They often create roundups or showcases and ask for suggestions. Follow @abduzeedo, @smashingmag for example.

Retweet valuable links. Share grate articles and links that you come across with others, retweet what you find valuable.

3. Submit your posts/designs to design related promotional sites

I found,,, and to generate most traffic, but here are some lists with great sites where you can submit your posts

4. Submit and Bookmark links to social networks

Digg, Delicious, Facebook, Myspace, StumbleUpon... you name them, there are hundreds of social networks and bookmarking services that will promote your articles to thousands of people

5. Create and Submit RSS Feed

Create RSS Feed for your posts. Let your readers subscribe to be notified each time you write an article. You can also have options to subscribe to comments only, subscribe to categories, subscribe to get news by email. Choose what is best for you and your visitors.

Use Feedburner to manage your feed. Feedburner is considered the best solution to manage your feeds. It gives you statistics, ways to promote your feed, lets you show your followers count and many more.

Submit your feed to feed agregators. “Take Action Today” Generate Traffic and Sales With….Customized RSS Feeds and RSS Aggregates

6. Blog catalogs

Blog catalogs are a powerful way to bring more readers to your blog. Here are some huge lists of blog catalogs, where you can submit your own blog to generate traffic.

7. Niche related forums

Write about your articles on related forums. Do not spam, but rather link to your articles that talk about the same topic. Be a help to others and you will help your self. See the article at Smashing magazine for list of best webdesign related forums: Professional Web Design Forums


Comment on other sites, show your expertise and link to your articles when they are helpful to the theme/situation

Respond to comments on your site, show that you respect and value your readers and that you are a real person and not an article generator

Use comments related services. Install Wordpress CommentLuv plugin to show your latest post after your comments on other sites. Register with Gravatar to add your comments a personal feel with an avatar.

9. Don't be lazy and do some SEO

Read and learn about Search Engine Optimization for WordPress. Use All in one SEO plugin for Wordpress and other great Useful SEO Plugins For Wordpress to configure your Wordpress blog Submit your site to Google Webmaster, Yahoo Site Explorer, Live Webmaster Center

10. Wordpress update service

Update Services are a Wordpress built in feature that you can use to let other people know you have updated your blog. You can create a list of update services that WordPress will automatically notify each time you create or update a post.

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Webstandard-Team's picture

Nice list, but "Try to write great articles" should be no.1!

Paul C. Shirley's picture

Excellent article thank you.
I am thinking of starting a blog and these tips will be very useful.

dmk's picture

i shall have a look at points 2 and 5 and see if I can use them for product design blogs too.

Chon's picture

I didn't realize that Twitter was such a powerful tool. I guess I'll have look more into that... Thanks!

Brandon Cox's picture

Man I love your highly useful blog - a perfect 101 on generating traffic. Just wish I had time to do all ten more often.

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Very useful article and well written.. article twittered by @web2000

Kim H's picture

I agree - great articles should be #1! I find that I received more retweetings for my post concerning web designer job boards ( ) than I did for any of my other articles. In addition, when one of my articles was published on Script & Style, I saw visits to my blog more than triple! It was a pretty nice experience :)

Also kind of shows that a well-researched and well-written post will draw more attention than one with hardly any thought put into it.

Jozef Toth's picture

@Webstandard-Team and @Kim H thanks, I made "Try to write great articles" #1, I was thinking about it earlier, but always forgot to do it :)

mary's picture

Excellent list, thank you! Writing fresh content and updating it often is key to getting your blog going. Twitter is also a great resource. Thanks for the other tips, will definitely look at the plugins you mentioned.


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Great site.

Jackie Chia

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great Post

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be entertained

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Hi...thankyou for the useful is much appreciated!

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Great tips to get traffic. Basically anything that involves a link back in a packed traffic site, is bound to get you traffic.

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thanks for these useful tips and information . keeping content updated is the primary key to keep on obtaining traffic

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Thanks for the tips, the more information and help there is out there, the better the benefit for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for the post, the Blog Directory Lists is a nice collection.

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I was searching of few easy tips and tricks to generate traffic to my sites. It is indeed quite helpful. Nice work done. ;)

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Thank you for this fantastic list of tips. Definitely going to dive into each one a bit during my Christmas break!

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Most of these methods don't really generate traffic, but increase your backlinks. This in turn increases your rank and increases your search engine traffic.

Unless you have a link from a hight traffic site.

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Like you said it's very important to respond to comments on your site. Other feature is SEO. It's not so difficult..

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That is a great article. I could use some of the idea to improve my site traffic.


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Great article and some good tips on how to get started.
Must check out twitter as it looks to be something i need to look into going by all the hype.

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Howdy, i read your weblog occasionally and i personal a similar one and i had been just wondering should you get lots of spam comments? If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything you can advise? I get so much recently it's driving me mad so any assistance is really much appreciated.

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very important Article ,and all the steps very important and every step is more important than the other

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Nice information. You could also make a post more about organic traffic on websites.

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stay creative and thanks a lot for sharing.

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Sure, I agree with you that TRAFFIC is the most important part of your web marketing success!

If you fail to receive it then you would not survive in this competitive market!

However, I liked your all steps about generating traffic, they were really awesome!

Thanks for your nice work!

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