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3 quick reasons why supporting #d8rules is important for Drupal future


1) Turning point in embracing crowdfunding

I see D8rules project as a key to opening trust and success of future larger crowdfunding projects on Drupalfund. We've seen 7 successful although smaller campaigns, raised nearly $15,000 USD from around 150 funders, but we didn’t have a project of this size yet. I believe that If we raise enough funds to fully support #d8rules project, it will open the trust of our community in crowdfunding and enable us to use crowdfunding as a real catalyst to boost Drupal development.

2) Doing ourselves a favour

As I see it, Drupal core & contrib development is going to be more and more arduous. As Drupal continues to introduce big changes and moves towards the enterprise market, production time is increasing and delivering crucial parts of Drupal in our free time next to the client work becomes more difficult. Leveraging the potential of crowdfunding can enable us to speed up the development and lower the impact of this complexity. I also hope that we will see many more companies following the example of Acquia or Chapter Three who have employed developers to contribute to Drupal 8. So if we want Drupal to continue being awesome we need to roll up our sleeves and do what we can: contribute or enable those who contribute.

3) Being a part of the family

This may sound pathetic, but I am still going to say it: we all owe Drupal so much.

Our rent, our food, our vacations, birthday presents for our kids, attending Drupalcons, learning from the community…

When looking back at the short history of - Drupalcon started it all. We have announced Drupalfund during Drupalcon Munich, the very first Drupalfund project was created during Drupalcon Prague and two projects were funded from the large portion there. Drupalcon is an amazing opportunity to build a momentum. It is in our hands - there are about 3000 attendees - only $3 per attendee can fully fund the remaining part of the #d8rules project campaign.

So if you are attending Drupalcon, take action and show your gratefulness - contribute to Drupalfund projects, hug your developer, buy a beer or at least smile and say Thank you!

D8rules Drupalfund project needs your help!

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dasjo's picture

thank you for sharing & supporting our initiative jozef!

#drupalcon is really crucial to show if the funding campaign can be successful!

everyone interested in finding out more and helping out create momentum, meet @fago for the #d8rules BoF tomorrow, Tuesday 5pm

- Short #d8rules introduction
- Discussing next steps
- Looking for helping hands at the con

There will be stickers!

10C - HS2 Solutions | 3rd floor
Time slot:
Tuesday · 05:00-06:00

dasjo from the #d8rules team

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thank you for sharing & supporting our initiative .

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