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50 webdesign blogs with highest Google PR


There are many articles that list webdesign blogs and inspiration sites and recommended twitter webdesign heros and I personally have been inspired and learned a lot by following them. In this article I rounded up 50 webdesign blogs I found through twitter, following blogs, blogrolls and discussions. Then I sorted them according to their Google page rank and Alexa rank and listed their twitter account as a bonus. Here is the interesting outcome, I hope that you will find some links that will bring you a fresh wave of inspiration. UPDATED: Download single OPML file with RSS links of all 50 blogs Smashing magazine - PR 7, @smashingmag Net Tuts - PR 6, @NETTUTS Vector Tuts - PR 6, @VECTORTUTS Creattica - PR 6, @creattica Noupe - PR 6, @nourayehia

Webdesigner Wall - PR 6 Blog.Spoongraphics - PR 6, @chrisspooner CSS Globe - PR 6, @cssglobe Six Revisions - PR 6, @jggube Webdesigner Depot - PR 6, @DesignerDepot CSS Tricks - PR 6, @chriscoyier Deziner Folio - PR 6, @3drockz PSD Tuts - PR 5, @PSDTUTS You the Designer - PR 5, @youthedesigner Marcofolio - PR 5, @marcofolio PSD Fan - PR 5, @psdfan Sharebrain - PR 5, @sharebrain David Airey - PR 5, @davidairey My Ink Blog - PR 5, @myinkblog Fuel Your Creativity - PR 5, @fuelcreativity Well Medicated - PR 5, @wellmedicated CSS Leak - PR 5 Lee Munroe - PR 5, @leemunroe Inspiredology - PR 5 Elliot Jay Stocks - PR 5, @elliotjaystocks Styletime - PR 5, @styletime Web Resources Depot - PR 5 Fudge Graphics - PR 5, @fudgegraphics Blog Design Blog - PR 5, @blogdesignblog Vandelay Design Blog - PR 5, @stevensnell Smashing Apps - PR 5, @SmashingApps Spyre Studios - PR 5, @jophillips Webdesign Ledger - PR 5, @webdesignledger - PR 5 Function - PR 5, @liammckay Fubiz - PR 5, @fubiz Tutorial9 - PR 5, @tutorial9 Design Shard - PR 5, @designshard Abduzeedo - PR 4, @abduzeedo GoMediaZine - PR 4, @Go_Media Think Design - PR 4, @ThinkDesign Vector Diary - PR 4, @vectordiary Colorburned - PR 4, @colorburned Just Creative Design - PR 4, @justcreative Build Internet - PR 4, @buildinternet The Design Superhero - PR4,  @aravindajith Spoonfed Design - PR 4, @VAEOU PSD Vibe - PR 4, @spicypepper 1st Webdesigner - PR 4, @1stwebdesigner Desizntech - PR 4, @desizntech Line 25 - PR 4, @line25blog This Inspires Me - PR 4, @brandonacox Instant Shift - PR 4, @instantshift You the Designer - PR 4, @youthedesigner Anidandesign - PR 4, @dani Creative Fluff - PR 4, @creativefluff Mogdesign - yes, thats me - @jojototh If you know twitter accounts of those that I didn't find, please let me know in comments, I will update the article... UPDATED: Download single OPML file with RSS links of all 50 blogs

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Marco's picture

Great list! Although the PR doesn't really mean much for Google, it does show the work and effort people add.

Pretty cool to see that Smashing magazine is the only one with PR7 - Must have took a while to get there.

Also, thanks for including Marcofolio!

Keep up the good work,,,

BobbyBurdette's picture

Basically just bookmark all of these sites if you're a designer. Great list and thanks for putting their Twitter info. @bobbyburdette

Pierre's picture

Great list, thanks.
Tip for a further update: it would be interesting to outline some Dofollow blogs.


DKumar M.'s picture

Nice and effective list. thanks for compiling and sharing.

DKumar M.

Jozef Toth's picture

Added an OPML file with RSS feeds of all 50 blogs

Nick Pagano's picture

Cool list! Thanks for featuring Think Design Blog, I really appreciate it!

Desiztech's picture

Thanks For the mention! Keep up the good work!

Chad Mueller's picture

Thanks for adding my site to your collection. You can put my twitter name there chadmueller

Jacob Cass's picture

Thank you for listing Just Creative Design amongst this great list!

Colorburned's picture

Great list! Thanks for adding my site!

David Leggett's picture

Tutorial9 = PR5
Alexa: 29,107

Interesting unit of measurement. Alexa and PR are by no means a good indicator of quality content though ;)

Vinh Le's picture

Nice, Thanks for the add.

Vandelay Design Blog's twitter is @stevensnell

Brandon Cox's picture

Hey, thanks for including me! I had no idea I even had a PR yet - this blog is just over a month old. Honored to be among great company. Thanks!

Fred McCoy's picture

It's sad to see wasn't included. =[.

This was a great list though, it's exactly what I was looking for.

Mason Stewart's picture

why does it seem like all the best design sites are the ones you find on twitter? awesome and thanks!

Jahangir agha's picture

Nice list :)

My blog also upgraded from PR1 to PR3 recently. I am glad :)

And I think the big blogs you have mentioned they don't pay much attention to PR now, because they are already famous.

Lisa's picture

Though I blog about more than just design - mines a PR7
@LisaSabinWilson nice list - thanks :)

Ilya's picture

Thanks,a great list! Some site are very useful.

Dani McDaniel's picture

Excellent list and all of them are top notch design blogs :D and gotta include the fact that my design blog is a PR4 ;) thanks for the list!

aravind's picture

Great list!
By the way, has PR 4
and has PR 5

Richard Laksana's picture

Wow ... nice list. I didn't know there are so many. :)

joão's picture

Wow, nice list.
Must make a visit to all those blogs :)

And24's picture

Nice list!

GoMedia twitter page -

Max Stanworth's picture

Very good list, and heres my design blog PR5 :-


Function Twitter =

adelle charles's picture

Thanks for including Fuel Your Creativity in your list! The twitter link for just articles is @fuelcreativity or if you want more @adellecharles

tripwiremag's picture

Thanks for the good list. There is a few blogs I need to check out.
Think you missed out tripwire magazine but ok hope to be on your next list if the PR improves a bit ;))
I don't think PR is that important because it is only one of Googles many parameters to decide what is relevant to show in rearch results.

Jozef Toth's picture

I added more blogs from comments and updated missing twitter accounts, thanks for great tips and comments!

Niki Brown | The Design O'Blog's picture

Ha! I just checked the PR of my site.

The Design O'Blog


Great list!

manny's picture

Great list!! I also like the new one - Inspired Mag -

Tom Ross's picture

Awesome list! Thanks for including PSDFAN.

xea's picture

Thanks, great list;)

T-Law's picture

Interesting, thanks.

Juan Lien's picture

Twitter user for webresourcesdepot is: @umutm (link at the top of the website - besides the website, he tweets very cool stuff too).

And, thanks for this list.

Jack McDaniel's picture

Nice list! I have a PR of 4 -

Jozef Toth's picture

keep submitting links in comments, I will update this post later. thanks

Freelance Flash Websites's picture

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Great resource, but where is this Web Design Blog?

Patricia's picture

What a resourceful young man....

Angie Bowen's picture

There are some really great blogs on this list. Arbenting is a PR4 design blog, our twitter is @Arbenting.

pixeldope's picture

great that nice...the list is really helpful

mirc's picture

werry good thankss.

Parkar's picture

Yes, its good for only 50 website blog have good page rank.

gaus surahman's picture

Great list. any chance to narrow it down to drupal blogs? They are all dominated by wordpress afaik :) I am not racist, just curious. Thanks

IMF's picture

Nice compilation, I wonder how long it took you to find them.

Bilal Ayub's picture

yes IMF its really nice compilation.

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Your site is very good. There are useful information and most importantly, for sharing great. Thank you ....

breitling's picture

Great list, you know and are all pr 8's, yes I said PR EIGHTS!!!! Go for it! With american chronicle you have to request to become an author. it's worth it.

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Good news. good thanks.

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I know lots of resouces which is dont have that high PR but also is great. Just like create website in a minutes.

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Thanks for sharing mate..

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Great resource. I think uve just filled my sunday with these links. Brilliant!

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Cool very interesting source thank you guy

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Hey Jozef, the list is really helful. Thanks for sharing the blogs...Cheers!

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Thanks for sharing useful blogger list,

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This is what i have been looking for , Thanks for posting great resources.

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Awesome list, must have taken you a while to put this together so thanks.

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Found some great sites that I will follow from now on. Thanks for sharing with us !

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Found some great sites that I will follow from now on. Thanks for sharing with us !

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Found some great sites that I will follow from now on. Thanks for sharing with us !

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Found some great sites that I will follow from now on. Thanks for sharing with us !!

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Found some great sites that I will follow from now on. Thanks for sharing with us !!

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Amazing list is really wonderful!!

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These are some great blogs! Thanks for the compilation!

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Thanks for good information.

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great list, thanks for sharing

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That was exactly what i was looking for : )

You have listed some very nice sites here.

Thanx for sharing this

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Great, thank you for sharing..

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Nice List, Thanks for sharing.

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very useful article thanks.

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Thanks for this great list, keep it up.

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Great collection. Big thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for posting this - a great list and very useful :)

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Great list, thank you!

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Really an awesome collection of web design blogs.Thanx for compiling and sharing.

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Really an awesome collection of web design blogs.Thanx for compiling and sharing.

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Thanks for the list. I am looking to improve my SERP and this list will be very useful.

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Great list of Web Design Blogs. Thanks for sharing with us....

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Nice blog and lots of good info , are the pr sites updated for 2011?


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Great list.. its very useful for me.. i m really pretty impressive comparison! And a great list of useful blogs.

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Thanks for the great list...I had several of these bookmarked already, but found some new inspiration too!

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Great Stuff.... Keep up the posts!

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Very very nice list!

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I realy appreciate this site.... Thumbs Up... Awesome

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This great. The best part is that you guys have also provided their official twitter ids here which is not there in other blogs.

Thanks for sharing.

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Now i got a fresh new ideas about trending web designs. Thanks for sharing the list.

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Hi Admin,
Really I'm very happy to see this dazzling list.I am sure I will add my this site after next PR update, just for waiting Google PR update.


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