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70 beautiful Drupal sites

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CEO of - Drupal design and development firm. Designer, blogger, christian, husband, father...



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With Drupal can do very good web site, thank you for the links collected from you.

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Thanks for featuring my site...great list...

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thansk for this bunch of drupal designs bro,
I dono Y ppl are not interested to design drupal templates.

I like joomla because I can fine any niche of themes

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From all of us at ImageX Media: thank you for recognizing our work. We're ecstatic to have 6 of our sites featured here! They are as follows (sorry, no links due to the WordPress spam filter):

Prime Time Living
Seattle Tool
Delta School District
Global Oneness Project


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Another nice one: Made in Drupal.

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This blog runs in Wordpress?? I'm outraged! LOL Just kidding Jozef, nice work, you showcased some nice sites. I read this nice post @ Abduzeedo recently on the same topic:

Keep up the nice Drupal blog posts!

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Thanks for the mention of our work. Great blog post. Wonderful to see so many good companies and organisations using Drupal effectively.

Kind rgds,

CMS Professionals

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Great list! I think it would be great if it was taken further and listed the modules each of these sites used.

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Great list of drupal sites! They are all good! Here are a couple of nice drupal sites by ireckon - &

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I wander why still the themes for Drupal look somewhat rare.
And most of the creative websites I've seen are on high budget.

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Great list

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There are many Drupal sites out there from which some may be ugly because of lazy developers or lousy designers.. thank you very good websitee..

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They are awesome sites. Drupal is a great CMS, it is just behind Wordpress in number of users and much easier to use than Joomla.

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www [dot] soulofathens [dot] com

this site not only uses drupal but links it to a flash interface for certain elements

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great, just what I needed, Drupal is great CMS and this article is really a goldmine!

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looking at the kerobia theme (, i want to create something similar for a restaurant. an image of the inside of the restaurant with links within the image. any idea HOW i create such a site with drupal? I don't even know how to categorize that sort of a site. Any ideas?

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nice work !

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Drupal, Joomla. I need to start getting my hands on them. I have only used DotNetNuke. I opened DotNetNuke to generate a portal when you hit You don't even have to sign up to start experimenting with the power of DNN. I call it DNN WEB 2.0.

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Ehh.... I've been working as a professional web developer since 1999 but..... up to this very moment I have had NO experience with Drupal. My personal point of view is: when it comes to use third party developments risk of being hacked increases rapidly. Open source is good...very good but it causes some certain and obvious troubles. Lots of my friends' sites based on free or even paid but well know engines were hacked. No doubt it is way easier to use ready solution but...every positive moment has its negative side.

Thanks for the article!
Mike / Toronto Web Design & SEO

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Great work man....

By the way how did you do the toolbar in the bottem?

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Nice list. Another nice looking site I like that is made with Drupal is It has a nice, clean, and organized look to it. That site teaches about CMS too. Your list further proves to me that Drupal is the best Content Management System. thanks.

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An informative list. Pl. see this also based on Drupal CMS, integrated with Apache solr search too. Has over 4,00,000 nodes and is updated regularly @250-300 nodes per day. Is just a year old and is seen by more than 6000 unique visitors every day. This portal is managed by Centre for Science and Environment, the leading think-tank on environment & development from India.

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maybe you also like:


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Hi, Jojo really superb blog.i always wonder is it possible to theme drupal in very stylish look

and feel but after reading your blog I understood it is possible. Thanks a lot. It really very

informative. I am working on drupal for the past 6 months but I never tried to build my own

Theme.jojo I have psd file, is it possible to convert photoshop psd file into drupal theme. If so

please tell me how to convert psd in to drupal theme. Thanks in advance -sasi

Cory's picture was a Drupal site but the site was redesigned by SmartTronix, so it should be removed from the list.

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Very nice Drupal sites.

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Here is another nice drupal site:

It is clean and simple.

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maybe you also like:


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Our website on drupal about volcanism :


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take a look at this site:

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I noticed that too, the general idea that Drupal cms websites look ugly, and let's face it, some of them do, they look too messy. You proved us wrong though.

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It seems like drupal is getting popular these days. :)
This one is a german photo site about horses.

Waiting for drupal 7. ;)

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Check out this SIK!! Drupal site

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check out this drupal 6 site:

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I would like to promote our site witch i hope could qualify for this list:

An advanced web 2.0 community driven golf guide. Built on Drupal 6 tightly integrated with the Google Maps API. An advanced search, searching both nodes and Google Maps geo search. The results are presented on a map with live filtering, everything for a smoother user experience!

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just launched...

Built in drupal, used about every hook in existence.

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my site

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super sammlung von designs - da kann man sich wirklich inspirieren lassen - Danke - Thanks

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Nice beautiful designs. Certainly brightens up Drupal.

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I used to think Drupal wasn't as easy to make pretty as Wordpress so I never used it. These sites have made me think again.

Thanks for the list

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Great list of beautiful drupal sites!
Built on Drupal 6 tightly integrated with the Google Maps API

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good tutorials.i like that

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Drupal site with slider, slideshow, jCarousel, Google Maps ...

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very good

sondaj's picture


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My website is also Drupal website, Iwould like to know how can I get my website included in Drupal showcase, other Drupal best sites. Please let me know.

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Stumbled on this one:

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Excellent templates and there is showing the class!!
North Carolina Barbeque

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Of course Drupal sites can be beautiful. It just depends on who makes them. ;)

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Drupal is the best CMS! And I like to see the great list of Drupal sites. Very good. My site is also Drupal site.

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Really wonderful designs. thanks for sharing.

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Really awesome post, love it!

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Thanks for sharing!!!! awesome Design

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Great website. I'm just starting out with my first blog for Killer Bee Printing . I'm learning a lot and your blog has helped me to do just that.

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a bright light to grey and boring drupal sites.

well done!

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Nice post!
Another one... This is one of most beautiful Drupal community sites
Drupal Serbia community website

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I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives great information ~,`

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Drupal is the best cms from the market ... i worked in the last 5 years with wordpress and joomla... but once you can understand him ... you never want to work with something else ... Gongratulation drupal

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I have worked with couple of companies but recently I came across this company and was pleasantly surprised with the kind of response they gave at times of sales and while developing my project. I would recommend more people to use their services.

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How about
That one is built with Drupal and first-even cloud applications platform

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Now why can't my designer do stuff like that. I need to send him this link

Well done.....lovely work

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I came across your site as I was looking for a Drupal theme for my new birthday website. You have opened my eyes to some wonderful creations. Thanks for the great post...keep them coming.

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Been using Wordpress almost exclusively, must try using Drupal for my next site.

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Pooh, what a great compilation. I have watched 30 Sites - and Drupal looks quite interesting.

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Amazing collection, you have to done a good job.. most the of biggest & popular sites are developed in open source. the drupal is good SEO friendly CMS.

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Great blog post. Wonderful to see so many good companies and organisations using Drupal effectively.

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you've really helped out. Thanks!

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nice design list!

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What an amazing collection of drupal websites are shared here, found it interesting, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

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This is a Drupal created website for Online Free Games. This website is beautiful and looks professional. I never thought Drupal would do that good.

Drupal has lots of options of customize your website the way you like.

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Just came to this blog through google... Awesome info... Please keep up the good work.

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Great post and I couldn't agree with you ideas more, Drupal does have some nice looking sites. thanks for sharing the 70 with us.

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Hi Jozef! I love the Wellington theme. It's very classy, elegant, and professional looking. Thanks for this one!

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Does anyone know I might be able to find a detailed comparison of Drupal vs. WordPress?

My client needs a breakdown of:

- User Features
- Technical Features
- Technical Requirements
- Support Requirements
- Complexity Comparison


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Great looking sites, thanks for posting them so we can see what Drupal is all about.

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a new beautiful drupal site

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Really this is nice website.

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Great website designs, thanks.

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I love the sites, but most of the credit should go to the photography! nevertheless you have convinced me to give Drupal a shot. Excuse the pun :-)

Mat's picture

Solid collection of sites here. Just shows that great looking sites aren't limited to a specific CMS or framework. Drupal sites can be beautiful and powerful.

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Most of these aren't even good.

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I really like it i you het you i het hetan

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Thanks for sharing this drupal sites might also want to add drupal sites from Please continue writing very informative blogs such as this..

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I loved all of them

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Belgian website with wooden letters:

It's a drupal 7 website.

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We've had issues with Drupal in the past so used Wordpress for a while, but the examples here are very inspiring. Great article, maybe we should go back to using Drupal!

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Great list for drupal development inspiration. anything with drupal makes me happy.
Thank you for a great compilation.

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These are really great Drupal sites.'s picture

Great designs!

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Drupal is really an amazing CMS for programmer and with the help of Drupal making websites become so easy..

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Great and beautiful blogs that are highly helpful in using them.

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We just went to Drupal for the website of our design and marketing agency (in France), very pleased with the functionalities of Drupal :)

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Great List!!! Thanks for sharing wonderful website on drupal.

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we just did our in drupal and people say it is very good.

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I like some sites, and probably i will get some ideas from them

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Great Drupal 7 themes for my needs.

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This is absolutly the best drupal sites i've seen!

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Amazing examples you have provided here - I never knew Drupal could be so powerful.

Tycoon WoW

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