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Last week, Smashing Magazine published a Non Profit Website Design: Examples and Best Practices article where they featured 20 outstanding non profit websites. All of them are absoultely unique, well designed and really serve as a great example for a best-practices article, but there is one special - Amnesty International. Quoting from article: "The Amnesty International site makes great use of color, including a bright yellow header and accents mixed with shades of gray and black. A slideshow on the home page shows current news and research. Links to join, donate, or take other action are featured prominently in the sidebar and a link to media information is included in the header. The home page also includes plenty of current news and resources below the main content up top."

Amnesty International site was created by CivicActions - a company where I work. Although I didn't personally work on it, I want to give a big shoutout to all peeps @CivicAction for their great work. Smashing Magazine also featured, for whom we built the Video Hub - the global platform for human rights media and action. Both were built with open source CMS Drupal. Reading the Smashing Magazine article is a must if you build websites for a non profit organization. For inspiration see another 40+ Inspirational Non-Profit Website Designs

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Thanks Jozef,

I did the theming on this, but the design came from a 3rd party. It's still a great example of how Drupal sites can look beautiful.