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Are you sick of hearing "Drupal is ugly"? Are you devoted to change that and make Drupal sites look awesome? Join other Drupal designers and start sharing and promoting your designs, write blog posts and making the Drupal side of Internet prettier. Some of the planned features/ideas for

  • Drupal theming & design posts aggregator like Drupal Planet
  • Interviews with best designers
  • Help designers to know Drupal best practises
  • Bring designers of awesome Drupal websites out of anonymity
  • Creative process of a designer
  • Workflow of a Drupal themer
  • Design case studies
  • Closing the gap between Drupal designers and themers

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CEO of - Drupal design and development firm. Designer, blogger, christian, husband, father...



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peach -'s picture

Nice initiative, looking forward to read your articles on there, subscribed!

Drupal Theme Garden's picture

Really great news. I hope that it could hep drupal community to get rid of “Drupal is ugly” myth.

Martin Carter's picture

Great job Jozef i like your blog Im sure all Drupal designer love this.

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Martin's picture

Just want to thank you about all this amazing drupal designes you share ;)

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