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Announcing - Crowdfunding the future of Drupal development

2013 is a crowdfunding platform for Drupal-related projects.

The Problem

As Drupal-the-software and Drupal-the-community grow and mature, we are coming to a point where we must find sustainable ways to continue Drupal’s growth and success. We created Drupalfund because we, like you, love Drupal and being part of its amazing community. The saying, "Come for the software, stay for the community," gets to the heart of it. Drupal is all about people: The innovators, developers, visionaries, designers, and everyone else who devotes their time and resources to keep Drupal a top of the line content management platform.

Most Drupal development has always been backed by individuals and companies volunteering or donating their time and money to contribute to Drupal. The majority of this development (even core development) is done during developers’ free time, even cutting into time that could be spent on paid work for many. While this generosity is laudable, it still means many issues, fixes, and changes get pushed back and fixed only when a developer can find or “steal” some time.

We’ve been asking ourselves, “How much more could we achieve if there was and easy way for people to contribute financially to Drupal’s development? What if companies and individuals could join together and pay someone to build Drupal functionality? What if we could support and reward our developers?”

The Solution

Our community is huge. There are nearly one million registered users on Doing some back-of-the-envelope math, we figure that if only 1% of us donated only 1% of our salaries each month, we’d raise more than $5 million US dollars a year.

With that kind of money, in a community crowdfunding effort, the possibilities are mind boggling. That's enough money to:

  • Employ dozens of full time developers
  • Hugely accelerate Drupal core development and module porting
  • Add features and functionality to, Drupal Commerce, Open Atrium...
  • Support the production of new books, training materials, products and services in the community

... probably all at the same time.

Picture how much we would all benefit from this; individuals, organizations large and small. If we all pitched in to support development and the Drupal platform this way, we wouldn’t have to depend on our amazing volunteers' goodwill alone. We think we could not only unblock issues that have been holding us back, but take Drupal to new levels.

How Drupalfund works

Drupalfund is pretty much like the crowdfunding sites you know:

  1. submit a project idea
  2. set donation levels and rewards
  3. promote your project, generate buzz
  4. get feedback from the community
  5. (improve your idea based on feedback)
  6. raise funds
  7. deliver your project
  8. Drupal wins!

What kind of projects is Drupalfund for?

Drupalfund can be used to support both coding and non-coding projects.

Coding projects can be to support:

  • new and existing modules
  • Drupal core initiatives
  • infrastructure
  • installation profiles or products
  • and more

Non-coding projects–we're really excited to see what ideas you come up with–could include

  • a book or training curriculum
  • documentation
  • art & marketing projects
  • organizing a sprint
  • and much, much more!

What plans do you have for Drupalfund?

We dream of becoming the official platform for Drupal fundraising and would love to integrate Drupalfund with This would be a great addition to the community's toolkit and include things like:

  • shared user accounts (and single sign-on)
  • badges for display on account and project pages
  • seamlessly turn project issues into Drupalfund projects

Who is behind Drupalfund?

Our team consists of two groups:

  • Mogdesign, who developed and is operating and managing the platform itself.
  • Community advisors: We're thankful to work with three respected members of the Drupal community, discussing the future and developing a vision for Drupalfund with them. At this time they are Robert Douglass, Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire, and Kristof Van Tomme.

Why should you use Drupalfund?

Crowdfunding - We believe that crowdfunding is very close to our values as an open source community. It fosters transparency, accountability, and innovation; and can help drive the "do-ocracy" we've been running on for the last decade to new heights. Crowdfunding is an increasingly successful model in the arts, technology, and other fields–truly leveling the playing field for businesses, startups, and investors of all sizes.

Sustainability - There are many valuable members of the Drupal community who would love to contribute more to the project, but who don't write code and have trouble figuring out how to help. As Drupal and our community grows and matures, Drupalfund aims to lower this barrier and provide an easy way for people to make a direct difference.

Giving back - So many of us owe our living, social circles, and more to the Drupal project. We, our projects, and our clients are making a difference across the internet and the world. Everyone should have the ability to pay back (or forward) the benefits they receive from Drupal. All of us involved with Drupalfund have gotten so much out of Drupal and we all feel that it's time to give back. It doesn't matter if you are part of a large organization, an individual, or anything in between: Drupalfund wants everyone to be able to make a difference to Drupal.

How do we get started?

Have you got a great idea that needs doing? Go submit a project! Spread the word to anyone who would benefit from using Drupalfund. Point them our way.

Go to, submit a project or get in touch with us if you have any questions. We would love to help you setting up your project.

Oh hey ... the first 3 projects submitted will get a $100 credit each. Go Drupal!

Talk with us at DrupalCon Prague!

We will have a BoF session at DrupalCon Prague. Come talk with us on Wednesday at 13:00 (1 p.m.) in the Club B (Windows Azure) Room. We'll be there to discuss Drupalfund, answer your questions or just help you set up your first Drupalfund project. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

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And don't forget that you can listen to Jozef talk about this on the Modules Unraveled Podcast!

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