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#D8Rules As a Proof that Drupal Community Is a Living Cell


When D8Rules project waiting in a Funding phase had just seven days left to be successfully funded, success didn’t seem likely. The project had raised just over 40% of its funding goal so far. The days shortened; the pressure rose. Happiness exploded exactly two days before the finish line thanks to the rescuing amount which came just in time.

The Biggest Nest of Funders So Far

We know that the Drupal Community is generous in donating money. They confirmed it again in the case of the ‘D8Rules - Support the Rules module for Drupal 8’ project. Together, 138 backers funded 106% of its funding goal. It equated to 15.973 dollars. With this number, D8Rules is, for the moment, the biggest project successfully funded on

Public crowdfunding for D8Rules on Drupalfund started on May 13th. In one day, funders covered 8% of the funding goal already—quite good for a start. During the first two weeks the donating line grew and then it became static. The days were flowing away and more than a half of the final amount was still missing. What happened next?!

“Without major investment we would have stalled at 6.000 dollars. To reach the 15k dollars we were able to get a corporate sponsor that wants to stay incognito and pledged another 6.000 dollars. So we had to direct some corporate money in order to ensure that the funding is successful. Still I think this is quite a good success because we got like 8.000 dollars pure community funding,” says Josef Dabernig aka Dasjo, coordinator at the Rules project.

Chart of how Drupalfund performed over time.

A great campaign, intensive buzz around it, permanent tweets, posts and other great marketing tools don’t guarantee you success. Although we make all we can, our effort sometimes is not enough. In this case, you should have a backup plan. Here are two choices:

  • fund the rest from your pocket
  • add corporate funding

The first choice becomes reality when you have that money in your pocket. If not, there’s always choice number two. You can find corporate sponsors no matter whether you have plenty of time or just a few hours to close the store. The Rules team did it similarly.

Rules Module Moves Drupalfund Forward

Why? To detect the reason we have to count together all successfully funded projects. Squinting eyes, we achieved Drupalfund's first milestone—25k dollars total. Thank you! We are happy that Drupalfund helps to build Drupal, also that more and more developers and companies are using our crowdfunding platform to contribute someway to Drupal.

The very first Drupalfund project was created during Drupalcon Prague and two projects were funded from the large attendance there. It took less than 24 hours to successfully fund this first project. As the time kept flowing, financially bigger campaigns began to show up on Drupalfund. The latest successfully funded project was ten times bigger than the first. We hope it’ll continue and the projects will grow.

Marketing Tips from Rules Team

It was vitally important for Drupalfund to fund the Rules module. It opened the door for other large projects, became a milestone in Drupalfund life and showed us how to make a good campaign. It wasn’t an easy journey and it required more effort than we could imagine, but D8rules was successfully funded and it ended fantastically. We offer you some tips and tricks that the Rules guys used during their campaign.

“Well, it definitely took more effort than expected this is what I can say. I haven't counted hours but I'm sure I spent 300+ hours on the D8rules campaign so far. Mobilisation was really hard,” says Dasjo. Well, in reality everything lasted longer than we planned or expected at the beginning. Prepare yourself, make some backups and don’t underestimate your campaign.

As Dasjo told us, the main channel for communication they used was Twitter, they also did a tiny bit of Facebook but that’s just an add-on. Video and the extensive information on D8rules helped a lot, also of great help were the short video clips with interviews from Drupal Dev Days in Szeged so they already had a base of supporters.



Dasjo, as the coordinator at the Rules project, was using Bufferapp to schedule tweets and he has set up Google spreadsheet magic to prepare thank you tweets when people pledge.

“So that was a manual + automated process which took quite some effort and time. Thanks to the design & branding of the campaign and our constant twitter activity I think we were also able to get some mobilisation. We built our campaign site using panopoly which was quite productive webform to collect supporters contact data. We used Mailchimp to send out email updates + planet + a post,” added Dasjo.

Drupalfund is a fairly new crowdfunding platform in comparison to other platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Also, a project of this size hadn’t been submitted before, so naturally “trust in drupalfund was a little low, on the other hand community enthusiasts liked that we did it on Drupalfund. Internally we had reviewed Indiegogo, Kickstarter as well,” says Dasjo.

Kickstarter was too complicated as it requires you to set up a business in the UK. Indiegogo has several advantages over Drupalfund, “but in the end we wanted this to be part of the Drupal Community and we decided for Drupalfund which I guess also motivated people to do fund because at least the fees remain within the community and funding in general is a big question mark. So I think Drupalfund was the right choice…” explains Dasjo.

According to the information above, a successful campaign requires a lot of effort and hundreds of hours spending of spreading the word about it. If it’s possible, select one person to handle these challenges full time, at least for a while, so long as the campaign lasts. This representative will keep momentum; spread the word; communicate with other parties; answer questions; send newsletters; chase sponsors etc.

Drupal Community is a Living Cell

D8rules is a key which opened trust and success for future, larger crowdfunding projects on Drupalfund. This project reached its first milestone and became a lead for others, and also helped Drupalfund to reach its first bigger milestone—25k dollars. More than 250 pledges shifted eight great projects forward. Who’s behind these pledges? – ALL OF YOU, the Drupal Community. And all your actions, pledges, submissions are a proof that the Drupal Community is a living cell. Let’s continue in building Drupal via supporting Drupal projects.

About Rules Module

The Rules module registers over 200,000 reported active installations, it ranks amongst the top 20 most popular Drupal modules and is used on 1 out of every 5 Drupal sites in the world.

"It is a powerful tool that allows sitebuilders to implement custom workflows on their site by using a user interface. It also allows developers to expose events, conditions & actions in a standardised way. With all the integrations available it creates a rich ecosystem of integrated behaviour that we can use to build dynamic sites," says Dasjo.

The Rules module allows your site to send customized emails to notify your users about important stuff; build flexible content publishing workflows; create custom redirections or system messages; build an e-Commerce store using Drupal Commerce and much more.


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