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DrupalCon Paris - Day 0 and 1


DrupalCon Paris 2009

This week, @DrupalCon - the conference for drupal developers, themers, designers, users and fans is happening in a beautiful city of Paris. Here are some notes from the sessions I attended. If you are ine if those unlucky guys that did not make it to DrupalCon, here are some people liveblogging from Paris: Propeople, Baris Wanchers, JPStacey . Also make sure you search on twitter for drupalcon to get the latest updates.

Day 0

Tuesday was a day when one of the biggest DrupalCamps ever happned as a starter for the DrupalCon main meal. More than 150 hungry drupallers got together and shared their knowledge. Sessions about Ubercart (e-commerce solution for drupal), @OpenAtrium (fantastic Project/Team managing tool from @developmentseed ) drupal newbies and many more happened, but that all was only a warm-up before the real thing happened.

Day 1

@Dries - author of Drupal - kicked off the conference with his "State of Drupal" keynote, with the help of Druplicon that has just arrived on time to give Dries the opening scissors. Dries pointed out few interesting, provoking and inspiring thoughts that will certainly cause discussion for few days within the Drupal community. Watch the video or read notes to learn more. Angie @webchick gave an awesome Drupal 7 Status Update and Next Steps presentation pointing out many improvements that will come with the Drupal 7, to name few: CCK (field API) in core, Native image handling, Stronger password algorithms & checker, Vertical tabs & Overlays, Blocks & content edit & configuration on hover, Many page elements are now in blocks/regions (mission, footer), Improved JavaScript, JQuer, CTools AJAX, Revamped *.tpl.php, „Naked“ Stark theme without any markup, No table based theme in core, New admin theme „Seven“ designed by @MarkBoulton See the full list of changes for Dupal 7

Read more notes: Link 1, Link 2 Moshe Weitzman's session Explore the glory of Drupal 7's improved render and theming systems presented changes in the Drupal 7 theming system. He covered changes in $page, caching system, render, theming and shared some tips for developers Read more notes: Link 1 Roel De Meester showed us a demo of Aegir: Build Once, Deploy often. Real life use-cases. AEgir is a hosting plattform for managing websites, built on Drupal. It has some awesome functionalities, features and is very intuitive and easy to use. @RoyScholten in his session "Communicating design - Sketching your way to understanding" presented different ways to communicate the design to a client, with some inspiring examples of paper prototyping - see some examples on his website Last session of the day: Rules: How to leverage rule-based automation on your sites! from Wolfgang Ziegler introduced us to an advanced automation of Drupal sites, he showed us examples, features and planes for the future. Rules module is an intuitive system to set up actions for events, that can have multiple conditions, making it superb tool to automate the workflow on your site.

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