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Free Drupal Infographics PDF + t-shirt


Have you ever wonder how many Drupal websites are there? What about Drupal modules and themes?  Ever wanted to know how has Drupal evolved since it was created?

Find out all you ever wanted to know about Drupal, but were afraid to ask.

Take a look at this fast overview of basic facts about Drupal, print out a card and use it as a handy resource to promote the awesome features of this powerful CMS. You can even download a version for t-shirt and become the coolest geek on your next meetup or Drupalcamp. Questions covered:

  • What is Drupal?
  • Where does name "Drupal" come from?
  • History of Drupal?
  • Number of Drupal modules
  • Number of Drupal themes
  • Growth of DrupalCon attendees
  • Drupal Awards
  • Top Drupal websites
  • + an ultimate Drupal rule: Don't hack the core!
Download a version of:

Off-topic: have you seen our September calendar designs featured in Smashing magazine? Look for Autumn Skyview, Bridge to reflections and Hello September, designed by the our designer Jaro Mlkvy that created this Drupal infographics. Follow @jaro_mlkvy and say Hi! if you liked it :)

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CEO of - Drupal design and development firm. Designer, blogger, christian, husband, father...



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dddave's picture

This looks great. Are the download links working? I downloaded all three pdf files but I cannot open them...

dddave's picture

Sorry,I botched the download. My mistake. The designs are awesome!

knitpicker's picture

Great infographic!

But, you misspelled "modules". Your infographic says: "5881 MODULS AVAILABLE".

spuky's picture

Szeged twice ??? really ???

Dries's picture

"Vancouver 2004" was just a meeting, not an actual DrupalCon.

jose's picture

dude, the "infographics version for t-shirt" link isn't working

Jozef Toth's picture

All links fixed, thanks for noticing, also removed Szeged 2006, now this is what I call a real user testing :) thanks everyone

Tom Geller's picture

Great work, but I have a problem with the 5,881 number for modules. That counts modules for 4.x, and counts a modules that's available for 4, 5, 6, and 7 as four separate modules.

That's like saying the world's population is 30 billion -- if you count the dead people, and count some of them two or three times.

You're not the first to do this -- hell, everyone does it. But it's misleading and discrediting. A closer number is 500-1,000.

Freddy's picture

Me ha gustado mucho, que bueno que esta >D

Petr Selfin's picture

I'm from Russia.
I want to translate into Russian this infographics, if you do not mind. But I need the source pdf.
send to my email please

lior's picture

We're from Israel, We would like to translate to hebrew.
I think opensourcing the source pdf would be a good move (and for us translators lets try and retain a credit to mogesign - they deserver it).

Nikita's picture

Super designs

Chicago condos's picture

Wow great desing these are i really liked this nice sharing this is

Petr Selfin's picture

Hi Jozef!
Thank you very much for answer!
I translated this infographics and added post on my site
Your logo and copyrights saved ;)
You also can add my link as part "Translated infographics on other languages" :)

Rolf Moczarski's picture

Drupal is awsome, a friend of mine is using it in different ways, its a breakthrough in the open-cms-world.

Grails Tutorial's picture

Great design..Great infographic!

Designers Work's picture

Thanks that was very useful! But i don´t use Drupal yet.

palik's picture

Hey, this looks great I used this one on

i'd like to translate this to polish - could You send my source files?

And maybe You can update this to D7 :) \


Torry's picture

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The best drupal infographics thanks a lot for sharing mate!

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