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Free Website Style Guide Photoshop Template


If you are a website designer, you probably know that having a clear and well prepared style guide can save an enormous amount of time for developer and save the designer from having to explain the design details over and over. That's why I have created a blank website style guide template. I hope it will enable designers to speed up their design process and bring more beautiful designs to our community. As a Drupal designer I hope it could be used as a Photoshop styleguide for more Drupal designers.

A fully layered, well documented, blank Photoshop PSD template, with all design elements, typography tags, comments, ads, poll and many more, to speed up your design process and make your developers happier. It’s well documented layers make it super easy to adjust it to your needs, apply layer styles and add colors or effects as needed. Using the 960px grid system with guidelines makes layout rearranging a matter of seconds.

This tempalte was made based on a design I made for and sponsored by CivicActions - a Drupal company I worked for.

Download the Free Website Style Guide Photoshop Template

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Awesome! Thank you much, I am so using this and telling my friends. Prepare to be tweeted. :)

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Hello Jojo,

thanks again for publishing this on our little site :)

keep up the great work,

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Thanks for this post. It's really useful.

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well i guess the theme is really a good design and it has the sense of simplicity and elegance

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I thank you so much for this site. I hope to learn about all of this more and make a better blog.

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Really it is gr8 post and too informative as well.

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It’s really useful. Thanks for this post.

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thanks Jozef
Nice work I downloaded and testing it ;-)

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Great Post! I thingmo web design is complete if it doesn’t have clear naviation, readability of text and forms to contact

HunterWebMasters's picture

Deffienlty a clear navigation makes all the differnce to weather I stay of leave a website.

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Many thanks for the post! I have been meaning to brush up on my photoshop / design skills - Now you have given me a great reason to!

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nice tutorial!!!

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Nice and good design. It gets right to the point. The structure is impressive. Good work!

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Nice template and this will be added to a post I am writing for publishing on my blog at - If you have any additional thoughts on this template and the process as it moves or interacts with the development process, or how the template changes when applied to different platforms or business sectors, I'd love to hear how.

Thanks again.

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Excellent. Very clear and simple.

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thanks for the post :)

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What's a good website without a great designed template.. Great site!

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Cool and knowledge sharing Site..!

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I really like the look of that theme. thanks for sharing

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Very useful work!

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Wow thanks so much for sharing this template. I've found it invaluable!

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Good design.
Thank you for sharing.

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I really like the look of that theme. thanks for sharing

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Nice work, i'm always looking for more photoshop help since i'm a noob.

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nice job! Thanks…

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I love style guides a well written style can save hours of fiddling around getting things to look good.

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