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1/3 Installation of multiple sites on Aegir


When I first got involved with this task, it was frustrating to discover that every keyword I googled failed and I was getting unrelated results. After some more research and digging in code I banged into a gold vein – a blog post which helped me a lot, especially in the second part of this mini-series. 

You are certainly curious what topic I am talking about, aren't you? Let me introduce you to a very powerful tool known as Aegir. All right, enough talk; let's zero in on the very one-of-a-kind tutorial. Enjoy!

This is part 1 of Aegir mini-series.

As I mentioned, Aegir is a very powerful tool. Installing a site using it is a matter of few clicks; five clicks and two text fields to be precise. That is really a wonderful number considering how much work is behind that. But wait, what if I have two sites? Well, still no problem, ten clicks and four fields... simple. Then you talk to a client who wants to install a hundred sites. How much is that? Five hundred clicks and two hundred fields... not so nice any more.

But have you ever heard of feeds? Feeds is a wonderful Drupal module which can be used to import entities from RSS, CSV and other sources. What does it have to do with Aegir and your 500 clicks? Well, a lot. If you use Aegir feeds module together with feeds, you will get a powerful combo which is ready to install your whatever-number sites in a matter of (yes, again) a few clicks. All you have to do is simply set up a new feeds importer, attach a data source to it and voila, it works.

1. Set up feeds importer
2. Create mappings
3. Create your feed (e.g. a .csv file)


After running the feed import, your Aegir platform will have a scheduled installation of all the sites in the CSV, and all you have to do is wait until it's done.

Click for part 2.


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