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case study migration to Drupal 6

2011 is a popular American online magazine, where you can find a lot of articles about the opposite sex, you can get advice about health of your relationship, or just have some “smart talk about love”. It’s been almost 5 months, when we first started working with YourTango team on a big migration from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6. One Saturday at the end of November was the day when this work has been deployed into production. Our work included some functionality changes, custom code refactoring, and we implemented a couple of page redesigns as well. Basically we have built most of the project’s custom functionality from scratch, and migrated data into this very fresh site, built on Drupal 6. The migration had to include whole bunch of data - 37 000 users, 78 000 nodes, 15 000 images, comments and taxonomy terms. This was one of the challenges, but there are also other interesting things on this project we can discuss.

End-users of this site participate in the content-creation process in a very significant way. There are several roles, which include the standard users registered on site, relationship and psychology professionals (“Experts” section), content editors and administrators.