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Resources Library For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs

The combination of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, the World Economic Forum and the Kauffman Foundation who we have a strong partnership with promotes, but it only gonna be as good as we are about using it and putting content into it. Mogdesign - they are brilliant technologists behind this recourse.

How a Sophisticated System Can Create the Largest Online Community for Property Investors in the Country

I am very much a commercially minded kind of a person. We are a profit making organization; we have lots of staff members, we have a proper business to run, we really treat our business seriously. One of the things I like about the guys is that they also treat their business very seriously. It is very important to me to find people within the Drupal Community who have a commercial mindset. They have a good commercial perspective, they understood my business goal and they really took the time to understand the project.

How Kauffman Foundation uses open source to manage 140+ websites

I first learned of Mogdesign when I met Jozef and David in Liverpool at our Global Entrepreneurship Congress in March 2012. We already had a ‘global’ site built on Drupal and I had a vision for a global platform that would really demonstrate the size and scale of Global Entrepreneurship Week. Mogdesign’s dedication and experience with Drupal convinced me that they were the right team for the job. Since that time, their willingness to think with us and work through the project have been great as we continue to add new functionality and expand the reach of the platform.