Thom Ruhe - VP of Entrepreneurship at Kauffman Foundation

The combination of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, the World Economic Forum and the Kauffman Foundation who we have a strong partnership with promotes, but it only gonna be as good as we are about using it and putting content into it. Mogdesign - they are brilliant technologists behind this recourse.

The Global Entrepreneurship Library

A big cloud named “media” is flying in the sky above our heads splashing a big deal of information on us every day. Political news, economic or juristic legislation, social changes in the law or marketing attractions all around… All of that influences us. It´s like you are standing front of a big wall with lot of small boxes and the only question you are asking yourself is: Which one should I pick out?

We can't soak up all of the news; therefore we select it according to our interests and needs. It´s a big help if you know websites with specific content which suit your concern.

The entrepreneurial world has its own sources and each of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) partner countries know them. Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Fostering Entrepreneurship bring you an international worldwide solution, a website with entrepreneurial content known as the Global Entrepreneurship Library (GEL).

So, those who are interested in how to create business traffic in Asia prepare a fundraising plan; establish a start-up company in Pakistan; get a market overview on e-commerce in Egypt or get other very important facts about the entrepreneurial world from Israel, Spain, Canada, Australia, the United States and other countries all around the world—you will be thrilled with the case study we are going to introduce you to.

Great, Stable And Still Increasing

The Global Entrepreneurship Library is built on the platform created for 140+ countries in the Global Entrepreneurship Week network. Mogdesign company, which has developed the platform, used open source to manage 140+ websites. The Global Entrepreneurship Library contains 275 entrepreneurial documents so far and aims to be the first truly international portal of knowledge and resources for entrepreneurs to enable entrepreneurial success. It provides a way (not only) for entrepreneurs around the world to share materials and resources, including templates, how-to articles, case studies, lists of local resources, policy information, economic data or research.

For the Global Agenda Council on Fostering Entrepreneurship the big idea that came out of the Council in Dubai during GEW last year was that we needed better obligate resources globally. There was a certain knowledge that there´s probably lot of efforts that are people probably recreating similar things, only slightly differently and so, how might we build a global repository of resources that could be curated any country by country level and can be promoted and shared free and open sourced for the world... and so I sat there scratching my head saying: This is a good idea!” Thom Ruhe, Vice-President of Entrepreneurship for the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and a member of the Global Agenda Council on Fostering Entrepreneurship talks about the beginnings.  

What is the Library for?

The GEL provides a way for useful information needed by entrepreneurs to be curated within each country, and contributes to a pool of knowledge and experience shared internationally. It´s a resource that empowers people at the grassroots to start to grow more successful companies. The GEL is an especially good resource for entrepreneurs in the developing world.

The platform for Global Entrepreneurship Week, built with the help of Drupal 7 and the Aegir replication system, gave a good ground for the Library.

As the Global Resource Terms and Conditions manifest, the content provided on the Country Sites is presented as a courtesy to be used only for informational purposes and is not represented as error free, accurate, complete, or current for any specific or particular purpose or application. However, GEL articles serve the best interests of entrepreneurs because mostly they are the authors. They know best what are the most important things to discuss, to inform about, to hear from their countries. Let´s find out where the Library is situated.  

The GEW is, from November 2013, a member of the .CO family and, besides, visitors can find the organization on The same happened in the case of GEL which has its own main domain known as or The website is accessible also from your Country Website; you can find “Global Entrepreneurship Library” under the “Resources” section in the main menu bar.

Or directly on

Add Global Resource Step By Step

Anyone with a web browser can access content from the Library and contribute to the Library. We encourage your input. Whether you read and comment on content, or contribute resources, your participation will help ensure our success.

Content of your entry may mirror entrepreneurial issues from your country or it can be a global resource. It´s up to you what kind of information would you like to share. To maximize idea exchange, the content itself is not vetted or censored, but contributions are screened by dozens of curators across the globe to ensure that it is appropriate for the entrepreneurial audience. Curators are chosen by national hosts of GEW countries. And because there was no base of curators at the beginning, national hosts were appointed to the posts of curators and over time others have joined them.

To ensure submission of appropriate and valuable documents on the Global Entrepreneurship Library, Mogdesign company implemented a control mechanism into each of the GEW Country websites. The mechanism forbids uploading directly from the GEL website; it automatically redirects users to their own GEW Country websites from which the uploading is fully workable.

Add your content and help increase the Library. It´s very easy. Simply follow the “Add Global Resource” buttons which are displayed on your country website or on the Library´s website.

Search And Filter

We encourage you to provide registration, create a new account or log into the Library. Subsequently fill in the “Resource information” form and create a global resource.

The approval process starts right after saving and submitting your document. And that´s the moment when Curator appears on the stage and is ready to check your input. What does this mean? Curator´s competency includes reading a Library User´s entry and in the case of missing fields, such as category, language, source etc., editing the entry. With Curator´s approval, the entry travels by the REST Web Services to the Global Entrepreneurship Library and afterwards it is published.

GEL is an independent website where visitors can search documents and filter them by country, language, keyword, asset type, topic, market, stage of business, or other categories.

See the whole process in this one scheme:

People strengthen the Library

The Global Entrepreneurship Library was created by the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Fostering Entrepreneurship in collaboration with the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, and built on the platform created for the 7.5 million participants of the Global Entrepreneurship Week network.

The main purpose of GEL lies in the power of entrepreneurship—all entrepreneurs, faculty and entrepreneurship advocates worldwide are invited to use the platform and to add their resources to the library. Thank you for helping make this library one of the most valuable tools available to entrepreneurs in your own country and around the world.

About Mogdesign

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